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Serenading Ensemble, Tilted Axes, Brings the Music to You with “Music For Mobile Electric Guitars”

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Tilted Axes is a multi-continental procession and a nuance to the world of music. The ensemble brings the sound of rock to a stage of the theatrical; they play for events, walking around using mobile amplifiers, serenading through city streets worldwide with their guitars. Music for Mobile Electric Guitars is an album execution of the live guitar processions that they’re known for.

While not initially intended for an LP, there is no doubt that the instrumentation on this is still phenomenal and the music is getting across to the listener just the same. The concepts and culture in the sounds that Music for Mobile Electric Guitars carry with it is stunning and grand. The record doesn’t fall short on talent or culture in the slightest. And from complex, boastful riffs to elegant serenity of bass, there’s a lot to love on here.

“Harmonic Revolution” is a very interesting track on here and serves as almost an interlude. The bright and melodic electric guitars really do become a harmony and syncopates with each other to create something simple, rhythmic and hypnotic. The crescendos and dims capture a feeling only few other songs on the tracklist do. Track 6, “Rivera Court”, is probably the best song on here. It’s a latin inspired ballad of strings, able to transport you to Latin America with it’s bass, riffs, and claps and cymbals from percussion. And the sound of castanets were absolutely wonderful; the hint of Flamenco here was the perfect example of culture.

Whether as a procession or an album Tilted Axes make music that takes on a mood or feeling. They cultivate a trance of different music through a choir of guitars, audibly sending you on a journey around the world. It’d be something to be a part of an event they play to fully get the effect of the music, but until then this album is going to hold you over.

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Clint Zephirin

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