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Shannon K: Firmly Stating her Presence with a Soft and Dreamy Voice

ShannonKGenre: Contemporary R&B, Pop, Brit Pop, Crossover, Soul, and Ballad

Location: London, England

Music: Website | Youtube

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Shannon K stands, clad in her Mickey Mouse shirt and flower earring cuff, and sings to her viewers about the hopelessness of love. The fourteen year old stares longingly at the souls of her entire audience through the screen and casts a spell with the potent feelings that roll off her tongue in her new music video, “Sapphire”.

The video was released on the young star’s VEVO account on May 15 and has since accumulated over one million views. Directed by Kharen Hill, the video takes the audience into Shannon’s fantasy world and follows the love stories of fairytale couples including Rapunzel and her prince, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, and Alice and the White Rabbit. Shannon sings from the background as if she is telling her own fairytale. One more dark and hopeless than the stories she alludes to throughout the video.ShannonK2

Aided by soft 60’s pop music playing dreamily in the background, Shannon speaks mournfully of love robbed from her by comparing her heart to a sapphire stolen by a lover. She explains her emotions maturely yet delivers them in a soft and youthful voice, exposing wisdom beyond her years. The drastic contrast between her age and voice with the depth of her message and feelings parallels the works of Lana Del Rey and Adele, which establishes Shannon’s presence in today’s Contemporary R&B.

“Sapphire” is now available on iTunes as of May 12. Check out the video here!

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