Shiny Darkly Continues to Explore Post-Punk with “New Country”

Danish band Shiny Darkly is shining the spotlight on the rhythms of post-punk yet again with the release of the single “New Country” and its accompanying music video.

The three piece group comprised of Kristoffer Bech, Oliver Matthew Volz, and Mads Lassen took form in 2012 and is gearing up to drop their debut LP, “Bronze”, this upcoming February. Though this will be their first full-length album, success is nothing new to Shiny Darkly.

With experience performing at a number of noteworthy festivals in addition to the recent completion of a Scandinavian tour, Shiny Darkly is heading into the New Year well-prepared and ready for more. As we await the release of their LP, the “New Country” video gives listeners an artistic preview of what is yet to come in “Bronze”.

Peppered with lively colors and erratic camera movements, the video for “New Country” seems to celebrate and embrace a nostalgia for youth while simultaneously acknowledging the onward march of time.

The deep bass and rhythm underlying the song has a hypnotic allure to it that highlights this passing of time and shrouds both past and present in a sense of ominous inevitability. Despite the initially dark tones, Shiny Darkly cuts through the trance and alludes to the lighter side of nihilism by introducing flairs of saxophone and images of elderly friends popping champagne.

Though the music is thought-provoking in it of itself, when paired with the video, an existential curiosity creeps into mind with each haunting lyric and echoing note. As we await 2019 keep an eye out for the release of “Bronze” and the unique new sound it will bring to the New Year.







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