Sinoptik Returns Opening A New Chapter With “”Standalone Syndrome”

Six years after Sinoptik first formed, they have returned with a new track. A new chapter for the rock band, “Standalone Syndrome” promises a more refined sound for the group.

Released on Nov. 30, “Standalone Syndrome” runs at about five minutes long, filled with intense guitar riffs and heavy vocals. It’s clean-cut, the song making itself unique in it’s time. The song resonates with Smashing Pumpkins, but feels more refreshed. Sinoptik have managed to reach a younger audience while also keeping an older sound.

“This story is about the hardship of being yourself in this reality. Reality itself can leave just a tiny ghost in your identity. You did all you possibly can, and still you didn’t get anywhere near your aim. But you will find your inner strength to move forward. With the help of your close ones.”

The music video features live performances of the band. Not only are Sinoptik exploring a new sound in their career, but the music video also showcases how thankful they are for their old lives.

“Standalone Syndrome” is a progressive rock track. Percussion and electric guitar heavy, the song makes for a refreshing sound in a pop-dominated world.

“After a thousand miles and plenty of gigs, Sinoptik wants to tell a new story and turn a new page in their music. It’s a different sound and another vision of the band.”

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Lindsey Lanham

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