Slowcoaches Refuses To Conform In Society As Artists With “Fund Down”

With Green Day vibes and David Bowie aesthetics, Slowcoaches is a UK punk-pop band with some serious attitude. Their new hit “Fund Down” describes the struggle of taking a passion for music and turning it into a lifestyle.

With the pressures of being an adult, base player and lead vocalist, Heather Perkins, elaborates on the forced expectations of those around her who saw music as something “grown-ups” did not do.“It (the song) is about how mundane and frustrating the day-to-day reality of that struggle can actually be, whether that’s mental, financial or something else.”, explained Perkins.

That being said, the band focuses on what they like, not the ways in which others around them conform to pressures of society. The song is raw, transparent, and makes its listeners reconsider if they themselves are about the “system” the band themselves tries so hard to avoid becoming. Being a rockstar is not easy and Perkins goes on to explain why. “I couldn’t face the thought of giving up this thing that gives me a sense of purpose…. when I was writing I was really trying to work out what that driving force is that makes some people want to create art and why there seems to be such a pull between making art and being this ‘domestic’ adult..”.

Ultimately, she just wants an equal balance where we can all “exist and thrive” together. With guitarist, Oliver Shortland, and drummer, Sean Hughes, the trio has a purging way of thinking about the simple realities in which we slowly, but surely integrate ourselves to be normal, to fit in.

Listening to this band will make you reconsider everything you thought you knew about
conforming to modern society. There album is set to release June 30th.

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