Smileswithteeth Tells Us “We Fight In The Prettiest Places” With New Single From Upcoming EP

Smileswithteeth is an artist looking to breakout, and with the sound that he produces, it is bound to happen.  If I have to describe his sound with words, I would call it “organically electric.”  What we hear is obviously synthetic, but it feels all too real.  It’s one thing to hear the music, but to feel the sound is absolutely sublime.  Smileswithteeth is gearing up to release his new EP, Suddenly Constantly, to all open ears, but in the meantime, there is a single, and it serves as a great appetizer.

The single is entitled, “We Fight in the Prettiest Places.”  Smileswithteeth described Iceland and its ever-changing landscape. This track is meant to represent the passing of the scenery in a car and losing someone regardless of all of the effort.  Views and people come and go, but their impressions on us can be lifelong.  When listening to the song, I obtained this sense of nostalgia. It made memories flood back.  I have to tip my hat here, because the production value is honestly quite stellar. They great quality doesn’t end there though; the rest of the EP follows the beat.  I recommend keeping an ear out for the song, “June”, as it is my personal favorite track.

While you wait for the EP to drop, head on over to Smileswithteeth’s media pages to check out his other music, and show some support.  Listen on!

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