Snow Villain Has A New Music Video For “I Don’t Know”

New York-based alt-rock project, Snow Villain has just released the music video for their song, “I Don’t Know.” The track has been released before their upcoming EP due April 27. Vocalist Grant Goldsworthy has been involved in the music industry for almost 15 years and has performed with different bands across Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Boston and New York.  Based in Central Pennsylvania, Goldsworthy started to play with other musicians around Philadelphia, New York and Harrisburg, and decided it was time to initiate his own project as Snow Villain in 2015.

Snow Villain’s new EP will offer an honest and raw glimpse of Goldsworthy’s lifestyle while the songs were being produced. As for “I Don’t Know”, when I watched the music video I did not feel at first that it was inspired by a comic book. My first thoughts were this is something based off of a horror movie from the sounds and noises in the beginning clips. Throughout the video the comic book theme is displayed throughout the video and is executed perfectly.

I feel that in “I Don’t Know” Goldsworthy has definitely captured his experience writing the songs. The lyrics “I don’t know who I am anymore” and “All my life I’ve been hiding something, all my life I’ve lived a lie” feel very nostalgic and I feel at some point in life a person has experienced those feelings and emotions that Goldsworthy has.

I enjoy “I Don’t Know”, again as stayed before the lyrics make the song feel very nostalgic and I enjoy more rock songs that make me feel this way. Again, their EP is out April 27, more material will be released leading up to the new EP by Snow Villain!

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