Solaya Love Describes Her Budding Music Career With Debut Album “Illustrious”

The singer and songwriter released 11 career-defining tracks for her debut album. Love merged together the radio friendly pop with the body moving EDM to birth her own sound.

Out of the 11 tracks, track two, “I Like Music,” explores the artist as a musician the most. The lyrics, her vocals and the instrumental all work together to result in a song that will stay stuck with you for weeks after you’ve heard it, more specifically the chorus of the song.

The artist is blessed with a soft voice that she chose to share with the world. And more importantly she is not afraid to experiment with it.

Love is still exploring her sound as a musician, but with Illustrious she has managed to get a head start on her career. It gives her a great advantage to be a young artist, new to the music scene and still producing memorable, unique tracks like those featured on her album.

“Since I was a child, in my sleep, I would have dreams of hearing music. The next step was knowing music theory to write it all down when I woke up.” – SOLAYA LOVE



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