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Spotlighted Artist: Britanny Foushee

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It’s not every day that you hear an artist with a voice that is genuinely “their own”. With the music industry currently being plagued with acts that seem to blend together and mimic each other, an artist like Britanny Foushee is quite truthfully a breathe of fresh air. As demonstrated by her Soundcloud recordings, Foushee is no novice when it comes to songwriting, but where she shines brightest is in her live performances.

Foushee has recently released a live performance of her song “Ms. Invisible” via Sofar New York’s youtube channel and I was blown away. Anyone can get a great recording after a couple hours in the studio, what takes talent and hard work is being able to execute the same quality performance, if not better, in a live setting and Britanny Foushee delivers just that. If you have not yet seen this performance, go check out that video, soak it in, and come back here.

Somerville, New Jersey was the town Britanny Foushee called home and in that home was small living room where she would find her calling, music. Her mother was a member of an all-female Jamaican band by the name of Pep and as a lover of music, she exposed Foushee to the great, from Bob Marley to Celine Dion. Having come from a family that supported their daughters interest in music, Foushee’s father would go on to buy her a stereo system and a microphone and from there, it’s all history.

Foushee has invested much of her time honing her vocal abilities through classic hard work, but also by learning from and performing with world renowned musicians in the NYC village community at venues such as “The Village Underground” and “The Cafe Wha?”. She currently trains with celebrity vocal trainer Craig Derry.

Evidently those lessons have been paying off, Foushee sings with so much emotion that you can actually feel it, good music is meant to be felt, not just heard. With each nuance she incorporates into her vocal performances, from perfectly placed vibrato instances, to powerful crescendos settling down to quivering whispers, it’s all there. When listening to her performances I hear Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley, Ella Fitzgerald, and Chaka Khan, but most of all, I hear Britanny Foushee, I hear an artist.


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