Spotlighted Artist: Donna Hood (Tease, If You Please!)

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Tease if you please! Professional dancer and rising star in burlesque Donna Hood is dedicated to burlesque reclaiming its throne in live entertainment.

Growing up in Texas, Hood trained in various styles of dance, giving her a solid foundation in future endeavors to come. After beginning to dance professionally in 2006 and appearing on MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew”, Hood decided to permanently relocate to Los Angeles for her dance career. Shortly afterward, Hood booked a role in a touring burlesque show alongside undisputed Queen of Burlesque, Dita von Teese. This inspiration that came from working with Dita, as well as other huge names in the burlesque world, fueled Hood to perform burlesque full-time and make her mark in the industry.

Since then, Donna has performed burlesque all over the world, booking clients such as Playboy, Amazon, and Yelp. Donna also performs regularly on multiple stages across Los Angeles.

Donna’s first production, entitled “Tease, if you please!” came to fruition with the dedication to keeping burlesque alive and taking the show to exemplary levels in the future. It narrates painting the town red-a night out that you’ll want to get all dolled up for.

“Tease, if you please!” has performers that were personally selected for their individualistic stage presence and style, as well as their background to ensure one of the best burlesque performances you’ve ever seen. That, as well as the show being performed in a theatre with historic roots and a friendly waitstaff will leave you wanting more! The show runs only twice a month and encourages early reservation.

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