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Spotlighted Artist: Lavender Beach

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Every July 29th, Victor Tostado Jr. writes a song for his friend Josh as a birthday present, as well as for his dog, Lucas (who is a very good boy in case you were all wondering), but mainly for Josh.

Sounds normal enough, but with the help of Jerry Arreola Jr. and Danny Mora, the trio turn these birthday tunes into something you want to listen to to fill the empty spaces of your days with. With vocal influences ranging from Jacques Brel, to Julian Casablancas, a complex vocal texture is incorporated into the sound of Lavender Beach. Drummer Jerry Arreolas’ steady yet lively percussion adds another layer of intricacy to the bands signature sound; combined with the bass accompaniment by Danny Mora (a ride-or-die for PokemonGO’s Team Valor), each track is glued together wonderfully.

Lavender Beach brings together a sound that defines what you would think a group of friends jamming in their garage should sound like. As a band their chemistry is amazing, especially considering Mora and Arreola had met Tostado through craigslist, each members playing compliments the other in all aspects. Although most of their songs are written by a single member, everyone has a say in its final outcome, in turn this leads to an organic blending of taste and personality to create music that’s essentially what you would get if the three members were to have a kid; and in the end isn’t that essentially what a band should be? Free of ego, free of judgment, full of friendship.

Lavender Beach is due to release more music soon, but if you don’t feel like waiting, Victor Tostado has just released his latest installment of a birthday EP for everyone’s favorite friend, Josh. Keep an eye on Lavender Beach; you’re not going to want to miss a thing with these guys.


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