Staring Into Nothing Dares To Venture Into The Corruption and Oppression Of Today With “Big Brother”

If you are looking for a great song that represents the angst of the current political situation in the US, then “Big Brother” is your jam. It is the latest single from the band Staring into Nothing. Their new album Power which was recorded last year, is set to be released later this year. The trio consisting of Kurt Barabas, Steve, and Savannah Rogers are uncovering the abuse of power in this album.

The band has written over 30 songs together. Songs that delve into dark themes from political corruption to the struggles of romantic relationships. Stripping away all the frills of various instruments, the bands sound is simple and the lyrics are brought to the forefront. They take center stage throughout the song. It is truly a poetic look at an authoritarian society, as written in the George Orwell novel 1984. While we are well into the future, the song takes us to a place that we would never choose to go.

If you like dark and deep meaningful music, then Staring into Nothing is your band of choice. They aren’t afraid to test the limits and discuss topics that most would not dare.

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Sarah Graubard

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