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Sterile Jets Leads Off New Album, “No Gods No Loss”, with Unique Single and Music Video

With no rhyme or reason, complete freedom, and absolute punk fashion, Cali punk trio Sterile Jets are exactly the type of no-nonsense, in-your-face, rebellious acts that are reviving the punk scene. For the experience of being at a punk show, their album “No Gods No Loss” is tailored specifically towards that.

There’s no straight-on genre to classify Sterile Jets as; the sound is melodic as it as reckless. Romantic and frantic, dark and fast paced. The single “Fireside Drive” has no discernable chorus, which reminds me of the classic NOFX fashion. This unique style is essential in not sounding like any other band out there, and equally impressive.

“We don’t write with preconceived notions of what it’s going to sound like. We just do our best to give you something that’s truly us at that moment” The band comments. With the album, the punk band aims to show their evolution from their last album; the organized chaos always has a method to the formula, and every element of the record is tight and synced.

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