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Steve Strongman Proclaims There’s “No Time Like Now” with New Album Dropping Soon

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Steve Strongman, a JUNO award winning artist has accounted that his full-length album No Time Like Now will be available March 10 via Sonic Unyon Records. The album to Strongman is an expression for his love of blues in all shapes and forms, yet it has a rock twist to it, which makes it so captivity and fun to listen to.

It can be seen that Strongman is a restless musician winning multiple awards from JUNO such as the “Best Blues album of the year” in 2013. He constantly pushes himself in new directions and has a very impressive resume because he is so driven by music. Nothing pays off like some hard work and dedication to what you love.

No Time Like Now is the anthem for the album, it is a song dedicated to making the most of the moment. The song is a tribute to blues-rock as a full-blooded, living thing, not a museum piece. Strongman’s vocals are gravelly and raspy which gives the song a rocker feel vibe, while the instruments blend together to create a blues feel. It is the perfect combination of blue and rock which makes the song so enjoyable to listen to.

Strongman is on of Canada’s most talented and compelling blues player today. He has terrified bandmates that back him up for creating his music. Their chemistry together is so consistent which makes everything flow so well with their music.

There is no doubt in my mind that Strongman has created a hit only more hits from him to come in his music career.

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