Suffer The Children Responds To The Fort McMurray Forest Fires With “Bear Witness”

In the wake of the chaos of the world, the tragedy and insanities of modern day, sometimes you need to sit back, collect yourself, and reflect. Such was the purpose of Vancouver-based, electronic R&B trio Suffer The Children’s latest single, “Bear Witness.”

Written in response to the forest fires that swept through Fort McMurray last year and later the devastating effects of the growing opioid crisis in Vancouver, “Bear Witness” is a somber, almost atmospheric R&B groove with accompanying vocals that seem to fade into the darkness at the end of every line.

“Musically, ‘Bear Witness’ is influenced by the lonely feeling of Phil Collins’ In The Air,” the trio, comprised of  Chin Injeti, Rian Peters, and Shallom Johnson, explain. “Lyrically, loneliness is at the heart of the song as well—the idea that we all carry ghosts with us in the form of memories, secrets, the people we used to be in earlier days—and that in the end, the one we hurt the most is always ourselves.” It truly is a reflective song—slow and melancholy, almost hypnotic.

Such a sound is their staple, exemplified in their debut single “Confessions,” whose mellow melody sparks with a sharp percussive beat and similar haunting vocals. The three “creatives” initially began their collaboration as friends, but have since evolved their style as “a collection of sounds drawing on influences from the ’80s, ’90s, and beyond.”

Definitely give Suffer The Children’s latest single a listen at their Soundcloud (linked below) and at Atwood Magazine, and look forward to what the trio comes up with (and what they’ll have us reflect on) next.


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Christina Masucci

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