Survival Code Releases Their Next Single “Along The Way” This Week!

Irish rockers, Survival Code have shared with us their new single “Along the Way” which is out Friday April 13th. Trust us, we cannot wait much longer for this song to be available!

“Along the Way” is off of their upcoming album “Hopelessness of People” out this August. From what I can say about “Along the Way” is that it is an energetic song with catchy guitar tunes and drums. It is a tune that is one that is not worth disregarding. It is a great upbeat rock song for anyone who just wants a great jam.

Working alongside Matt Hyde (Slipknot; Bullet for my Valentine; Ash), Survival Code have the power and dynamics of a band literally twice their size. The band is packed to the gills with tantalizing riffs and fiendishly addictive melodies. They are a rock band who cut to the chase and go for the jugular. Having overcome the issue of wayward band members in the past, they have stuck to the two ever-present members (Gary McGuinness and Tom Cook) to lead them forward to glory, with a string of live dates planned alongside a full release schedule of new music for 2018.

Again, “Along the Way” is available for listeners on Friday April 13th. The album, “Hopelessness of People” is set to release in August 2018 and we can’t wait to review the full album once it is out! Looking very forward to hearing it from Survival Code!

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