Take a Sweet Trip to the Beach with Rozie’s New Single, “Brown Sugar”

With spring break coming to a bittersweet end for most students and the weekday blues hitting hard for our working world, a universal, serious, and insatiable longing for summer takes hold. The months of April and May monotonously drag on as we wait hopefully for summer to finally arrive. With just a pinch of brown sugar, however, you can sweeten up that bittersweet taste a little bit. If you need a little chunk of summer as you impatiently wait, R&B artist Rozie’s new single, Brown Sugar, will take you there instantaneously. At least, that was the case for me.

 “I really wanted my music to portray this sort of vibe that I constantly dream of – that vibe being soulful, sun-tinged, beach-y, R&B,” Rozie says of her new single, for which she worked with producer Waspy from Dirty Radio. I think she accomplishes this task perfectly. In just the first few seconds, both the guitar and clapping hands establish an infectious groove to clap along to and a sunny, cool vibe that will completely transport you before you even see it coming. I feel totally at home inside of Rozie’s catchy track because she’s somehow portraying that beachy California sound all the way from Vancouver, B.C. Her sweet-like-brown-sugar timbre makes the song flow easily and effortlessly, just like waves on a beach. This is especially evident when the drums drop out in the middle of the song. One of my absolute favorite parts of this track is this soulful and clever inclusion of Danny McKinnon (Pomo) on the guitar. His juicy licks and omnipresent groove add so much to the song.

Rozie draws influence from artists like Erykah Badu, Tom Misch, SZA, The Internet, Sade, and Alicia Keys. All these influences are prevalent in her sound. Still, she encompasses the sound of these predecessors while still providing this unique and refreshing spin on her genre. She is committed to her vision, taking quite some time to prepare this single for release and therefore proving that she holds great passion surrounding her musical output, artistic integrity and overall sound. Just like a trip to the beach is, I really feel like Rozie’s work is catchy and refreshing for the R&B genre. I am loving her sound and am looking forward to her next releases.

Cool down your desire for summer and join Rozie on a 3-minute trip to the beach by listening to Brown Sugar today on Spotify or SoundCloud.



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Jade Saffery

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