Tamtam Celebrates The Liberation Of Saudi Women With “Drive”

Born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, singer/songwriter Tamtam moved to Los Angeles during her teenage years. While Tamtam discovered her singing voice at the age of 11, when she was 18 and studying Economics at UC San Diego she experienced an awakening feeling of independence and freedom. Tamtam remarked: “the two things that I’ve retained ever since.”

With natural beauty and voluminous blonde curls, Tamtam has created her own identity. In her new single entitled “Drive,” she explores women’s liberation and gender equality. Along the release of the music video, Tamtam celebrates with Saudi Arabia –as the video illustrates the passing of new laws that allows Saudi women to drive for the first time, ever.

“Drive” begins with a smooth constant beat tapping against the speakers of a radio. Tamtam’s unique vocals start out calm and steady until she sings the chorus in a powerful heightened tune: “We got drive, pushing through the limits we ride. Yeah, we have dreams and everyday we making them real.”

This soulful pop song featured two of Tamtam’s girlfriends, in the music video, driving around Orange County “exercising our freedoms as quintessential California girls” Tamtam said. Through her music videos, she uses them as a public platforum to break the societal pressures against Muslim women. Her music is meaningful, empowering, and unforgettable.

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