The Cab’s Former Frontman, Alex Deleon, Introduces The World to Bohnes With His Acoustic Version Of “Six Feet Under”

Alex DeLeon, former lead singer of The Cab now known as Bohnes, continues to reinvent himself as a musician with the new acoustic version of his hit single “Six Feet Under”.  A complete contrast to the original version, the acoustic tone captures the heart of the song in a much deeper way.  It leaves the listener with a sense of catharsis from the mutual understanding of the pain, sorrow, and regret of a failed relationship.  A relationship that maybe can be resurrected.  Furthermore, he changed the concept of the original music video to fit the mood of the acoustic version which adds another layer to the melancholic undertones of what once was.  It is brilliantly executed.  Check out the review that One to Watch wrote about both versions of the song and music videos here.

Bohnes outshines many of this counterparts in his pursuit to find inspiration for his music.  After leaving The Cab, he took every last penny he had to his name and started travelling.  To date, he has visited 65 countries.  He felt he needed to get back to his roots and find himself and his love for music again, so his journey took him wherever his heart desired.  With no specific destination in mind, he would jump on planes, boats, trains, and go where inspiration led him.  Such dedication to his artistry is evident in the locations he films his music videos.  Both versions of “Six Feet Under” were filmed in abandoned areas and his single “My Friends” was filmed all over Tokyo.  In preparation for his next project, he is currently gearing up to camp overnight on the Great Wall of China.

In an interview with Euphoria Magazine, Alex explains where he got the idea for Bohnes.

“…It was really important to me not to have the new project called “Alexander DeLeon” because I didn’t want anyone to think I felt like my name was bigger than the band…So I went to Paris and started travelling the world to kind of figure out what I wanted to do and figure myself out.  When I was in the Catacombs underground, where there are millions of bones, [I decided] I’m gonna call myself Bohnes.”

 Later on he sheds more light on the meaning behind Bohnes when he explains what the skull masks in the “Six Feet Under” music video represent.

“…It’s a thought process and a universe that I built.  Anyone could be Bohnes…That’s who we are at our core, and again, not to be morbid, when you die, everything disappears and your bones are left to tell your stories.”

 One can presume that the bones that he saw at the Catacombs tell their stories through his music. His lyrics tap into the places where all divisions disperse and the listener connects with him from soul to soul.  He cares tremendously about the words he sings and in order to produce high quality writing, he spends time riding in trains.  This gives him the freedom he needs as an artist to be inspired by the many scenes he sees as he travels on the tracks.  The words come to him in a meaningful and tangible way that transcends race, color, gender, background, and socioeconomic status.

This special quality of Bohne’s music, its ability to transcend culture, color, class, and gender showed itself when Victoria’s Secret models Josephine Skriver, Sara Sampaio, Jasmine Tookes, and Lais Ribeiro made their own “Six Feet Under” music video.  They had some down time from their prep work for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in Thailand and decided to amuse themselves as lip synching, heartbroken synchronized swimmers.  Check out their Instagram pages for the video and their thoughts about it:

Josephine Skriver
Sara Sampaio
Jasmine Tookes
Lais Ribeiro

Alex DeLeon as Bohnes is a rumination of his journey as a musician, a human being, and the transformation he seeks to find post his days with The Cab.  His vocal style is similar to Justin Timberlake and Frankie J, with the heart grabbing lyricism and emotional heaviness of Amy Lee from Evanescence.  Visit his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to learn more.

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