The Crowleys Release Their First Track “L.A. Sunset” From Their Upcoming EP

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario the Crowleys, a four piece band, has just released their first track L.A. Sunset from their upcoming EP. It is a song that they band has played live at small gigs, they’d figure they would get around to recording it.

L.A. Sunset sounds as if the band has been hitting the beach catching some sun and waves! It is the perfect song to listen to when one is making their way to the beach and a perfect jam for the summer. The song gives off that rock surf type of vibe to it. This type of vibe makes it very catchy and enjoyable to listen to.

L.A. Sunset is the first song we figured out as a band that was primarily written by Stuart, our drummer, and it is kind of an oldie that we finally got around to recording. It is named after a pair of sunglasses bought from Giant Tiger, and although it doesn’t directly relate to the lyrics, we believed it fit the soundscape well. We are releasing this as our first single because we believed it encapsulated all of our influences and styles. The intro is a fresher sound for us- more relaxed and poppy- that local listeners may be surprised to hear. The body of the song is our more typical psych-surf style to get new listeners familiar with our sound. While the ending is a drawn-out, heavy psychedelic climax to keep people wanting more.” says the Crowleys. Hope to hear more rock surfer vibes from these guys very soon with their upcoming EP!

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