The Flatliners Release New Music Video For “Indoors”

Toronto-based punk rock group The Flatliners just released their new music video for “Indoors,” and you’re not going to want to miss this head-banger. Still going strong after fifteen years, the group is a testament to dedication and perseverance, having amassed a legion of loyal fans and kept with their signature, punk rock sound from the very beginning.

The quartet burst onto the music scene back in 2005 with their debut album Destroy to Create, and haven’t slowed down since, dropping hit after hit with The Great Awake in 2007, Cavalcade in 2010, Dead Language in 2013, and Division of Spoils in 2015. It’s been a while since their last release, but frontman and guitarist Chris Cresswell says the break, as well as the balance between home and road life, is absolutely necessary. Despite the downtime, though, as well as some room-hopping as their usual recording locale wasn’t available to them, The Flatliners still worked to release Nerves, a two-song EP, in October 2016—the group’s first release in part with Dine Alone Records. Throughout it all, they’ve stayed together and stayed strong, and that’s pretty admirable in and of itself, wouldn’t you say? As Cresswell himself says, “It feels like we’re onto something. It’s exciting for a band to be 15 years into their existence and have this. It’s a refreshing thing.”

As for the new music video itself, you can give it a watch on YouTube here. The video is of a “local karaoke night, where the patrons are only interested in singing ‘Indoors’. Those participants are ready to fight to keep ‘Indoors’ playing all night long.” It’s clever, it’s witty, and just a touch bit heartwarming—all that camaraderie kind of makes you want to go out and chill with your friends at a good pub. Do you want that nostalgic feel? Give the track a listen and give the video a watch.

But anyway, Cresswell has this to say about the track: “’Indoors’ comes from a place of deep winter isolation and serious reflection – with the help of some burning paper and that familiar smell. Nights like that, that can really help take you to where you want to be once the snow melts … So now that it’s summertime when you’re out with your friends burning the candle at both ends, enjoy it, cause the snow’s gonna fall before you know it. This one’s for all those karaoke kings and queens out there, singing along like no one’s watching.”

Hats off to you, Flatliners. You’ve got another great song on your hands, and a well-made video to go with it. Ah, and let’s not forget to mention the West Coast tour they’ll be on starting… (let me just check my watch…) ah, right now! They start their tour with The Smith Street Band 8/18, move on to appear at the It’s Not Dead Festival in San Bernardino, CA, and later at Riot Fest and The Fest 16 later in the fall. A full list of tour dates can be found on their website, linked below. Check it out!

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