The Foreign Films Complete Their Lifelong Dream With Triple Vinyl LP, “The Record Collector”

Otherwise known as The Foreign Films’ “lifelong dream,” The Record Collector is a triple vinyl LP that effortlessly radiates greatness. Consisting of 31 tracks that are meshed with psychedelic mythology, we can’t help but recognize and respect the heart and soul that is poured into every single piece.

The Foreign Films is comprised of musical genius, Bill Majoros. As an artist, Majoros ventured on a journey to create his own personal universe within music. After dedicating years of writing, playing, and recording music, he finally completed The Record Collector.

This “musical time machine” embarks on a journey through Majoros’ experiences. It reveals a soundtrack to his life, while simultaneously telling an imaginary tale. This masterpiece takes listeners through a sensational ride, referencing music from the past and present; thus, creating a future.

Majoros reveals this intricate LP is his phoenix rising from the flames. It is his swan song that deserves to be admired by many. He explains, “From the sparkling rivers of youth to the deep sea of a lifetime, I wanted to present a multidimensional musical adventure. You can skim the surface or dive for pearls, if you choose.”

The Record Collector is nothing short of diving for pearls.

To listen to The Record Collector you can stream the triple vinyl LP via Spotify or order via Bandcamp.

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