The Foreign Films Release “Side 1” From Upcoming Triple Vinyl LP

In a move that is so rarely achieved in a musician’s career, The Foreign Films have recorded a triple vinyl LP. Not only has the group recorded the triple LP, but they have also made it a concept album. As we wait patiently for the whole collection, “Side 1” from “The Record Collector” is available now.

Showcasing an impressive amount of complexity in what’s been released, The Foreign Films have brought forth a fun mix of psychedelic ‘80s and modern alternative rock. Using this range, the band have somehow managed to create a time there never was, making “Side 1” an interesting introduction to the LP.

Bill Majoros is The Foreign Films, and has said that this “Side 1” is an exploration of his youth. “The songs on ‘Side 1’ musically echo and reimagine the vintage records, cassettes and radio of my childhood; like a well-loved mixed tape through a modern prism.”

“Side 1” starts off with “Shadow InThe Light.” The track sets the tone for the rest of the album, introducing the theme of growth and youthfulness. An upbeat song that has a main rock sound mixed with pop-filled, colorful tones.

“Junior Astronomers Club” is the highlight of the album, though. And Majoros explains that it “is a homage to classic psych-pop and literature, about the search for pure magic and love in a tragic world.”

The other tracks uphold the standards set by the earlier tracks. “Cinematic Kiss (In Dreams)” talks of an adolescent love. “She Reveals Her Heart” kicks off with a chorus of violins. A beautifully delicate way to start off an equally as delicate track, the closing song leaves the listener only wanting more, eager to hear what else Majoros has to say.

“It’s a musical time machine, interwoven with psychedelic mythology; it’s the technicolor soundtrack to my life; simultaneously an imaginary fable. From the sparkling rivers of youth to the deep sea of a lifetime, I wanted to present a multidimensional musical adventure and I think I’ve done that.”

“From blissful daydreams of sea-side carnivals to sunsets of bittersweet sorrow; the songs on ‘Side 1’ are the first steps through the looking glass, the beginning of a great adventure.”

“Side 1” is just a taste of what we will get from the triple LP. A fun, colorful story that only marks the beginning of the journey we will take with The Foreign Films. The rest of the LP will be released on March 23, but until then we will patiently wait as we have “Side 1” on repeat.







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