The Green Door Looks To Reveal The “Wolf In The Fold” With Upcoming EP

Western psychedelic rock/garage band The Green Door explore the dichotic themes of life and death as well as hero and anti-hero in their upcoming EP Wolf In The Fold with driving lead single “You Won’t Hear That Anymore.” The five-piece band, signed under CarnyMusic Records, is comprised of Mike Carnahan (lead vocals and guitar), Vanessa Wolter (drums and vocals), Reese Abell (bass and vocals), Evan Wardell (guitar and vocals), and Devin Triplett (organ and vocals), and have a similar sound to that of The Black Lips, Dead Meadow, Spindrift, Dead Ghosts, Ennio Morricone, and Quentin Tarantino movie soundtracks.

According to the San Francisco-based group, formed back in 2008, their latest release utilizes “both mythical and historical figures of the old west. These themes are loosely interpreted and recycled so that they look back at this era as an American myth through the tumultuous lens of present day American society. All of this occurs with the sonic aesthetic of spaghetti westerns, 60s psychedelia and garage rock.” Their sound can also be described as desert rock, taking on wild, mythic themes and counter-culture ideology with their driving rhythms and strong riffs. In their nine-year career, their style has been and shall continue to evolve the more they expand in the San Francisco psychedelic/rock scene.

The Green Door previously released a full-length, self-titled album back in 2011, and Wolf In The Fold, their second release, is set to drop December 15th. In the past, they have played The Gathering of The Tribes festival in 2015 and 2017, and were named as Rasputin’s San Francisco Band of the Week in 2011. They’ve successfully completed tours in California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada, and are gearing up for a big release party for their new EP, with additional performances by The Spiral Electric, Caravan 222, and Coywolf.

You can find more information about The Green Door and listen to their tracks by following the links below! Keep an eye out for the release of Wolf In The Fold with “You Won’t Hear That Anymore” later this month.

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