The Hope State Fights Through With “Just Survive”

Taylor Johnson, commonly known under his performance name, The Hope State began in the music industry as a ghostwriter for pop, country, hip-hop, and rock songwriters and artists. There was still; however, a yearn to sync lyrical words in a more personal and meaningful rhyme. Pairing with Crispin Day, The Hope State is preparing to release his debut LP, Skeletons-that recollects those moments of regret, depression, addiction, love, and loss this October.

The Hope State has just released a new single and music video called “Just Survive.” The lyrics unravel a tragic event during a dark and troubling time. In such a soothing lyrical melody, paired with an upbeat piano tune, The Hope State reveals: “The things that once killed us, has gave us a life, and I am just trying to survive.”

“Just Survive” is a song that people can sympathize with −a feeling of loss and personal guilt. It is a plea to not give up on someone during a traumatic event, but to embrace them and survive with them.

The music video is among the woodlands and packaged with natural lighting, which appeals to the real aesthetic. The beginning of the video outlooks the forest with echoing sounds of nature and chirping until the instruments are welcomed into the song.

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