The Peanut Gallery Lets Us In Their “DEEP THOUGHTS” With New Single and Music Video

In the music world, it’s an artist’s dream to be different, to stand out and remain separate in their own genre. New Jersey hip hop duo The Peanut Gallery is striving to do just that with their new single “DEEP THOUGHTS” off of their upcoming album Tales From The Basement, set to drop this October. The single is up on SoundCloud, linked below, as well as iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube, where a corresponding music video has been posted, as well. The duo consists of members Flee Jones—a heavily tattooed emcee from the inner city streets of New Jersey who uses music as an outlet—and Orlando—a college and prep school graduate who enlisted in the Army, dresses like the cartoon character Arthur and enjoys bboying (breakdance)—who hope to “bring back authenticity to the rap game” with their unique music style and expression.

Originally, the Roselle, NJ-based group consisted of five members, calling themselves Party of 5IVE, but dwindled down to two due to differences. This lead to a rebranding of the group, which opened the door to new fans and new possibilities for their music. Speaking of, Orlando and Flee Jones “fell in love hip-hop and its roots originally influenced by the greats such as Nas, DMX, Eminem, Tupac, Big L, Diddy but well impressed by producers such as Dr. Dre, G-Unit, Dee Brown (Atlanta rapper), Shyne,the entire Bad Boy label, Jermaine Dupri (Def Jam), Ja Rule, Ludacris (Disturbing Da Peace).” As said, the duo is working to build their own style based on these influences, and are so far similar to artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, The LOX, Mobb Deep, G-Unit, and OutKast. In their music, they strive to “[include] events from their personal experiences and truthful messages, told either from the first-person point of view or through poetic storytelling.”

Currently writing and self-producing Tales From The Basement, The Peanut Gallery hopes to release many projects in the future, including several singles throughout the rest of the year. Orlando and Flee Jones hope to bring more awareness to their brand, so keep an eye out for them in the upcoming months leading up to the release of Tales From The Basement!

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