The Pearcy/Gratzmiller Jazz Quintet Goes “Over The Edge” With Debut Album

The Pearcy/Gratzmiller Jazz Quintet releases their debut album Over the Edge, tore define jazz and define their sound.

Released on October 12, the 10-track record introduced us to what slowly became our new favorite jazz band.

The band starts their record with “Beantown Bahp,” an upbeat tune which bends the line between jazz and the radio friendly pop. “Beantown Bahp” is the perfect choice for an opening track. It draws in those unfamiliar with the beauty of jazz with the slightly modified version of jazz only for them to stick around to discover the versatility of the band and genre.

The band delivers 10 versatile tracks to showcase their talent, all of which are original compositions, created over the span of several years. 

Jazz is a very old genre, revisited time and time again. It sometimes feels out of place in comparison to all the pop, R&B and hip-hop taking over our ears. A false idea came to accompany the idea of jazz, being a thing only suitable for a fancy restaurant or a country club.

They are giving hope to all jazz lovers that the genre has not taken its last breath, just yet. 

The Pearcy/Gratzmiller Jazz Quintet are challenging all the stereotypes that jazz music has become boxed in. They are giving us jazz like we’ve never heard it before and we can’t wait to hear more from them.


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Salma Almed

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