The Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio Says “It’s Time” With Latest Album Release

The Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio revives soul music through their debut album It’s Time, released on November 16.

The trio of talented musicians includes Rose Ann Dimalanta on the keyboard and providing the vocals, Raymond McKinley on the bass and Massimo Buonanno on the drums. All three talents come together from varying musical backgrounds to bring a new life to soul/funk music.

The album gives us 12 tracks, all which help us identify the trio’s sound and their vision and the direction in which they want to take their music.

Track 9 “Miles,” is one of the more superior tracks on the album, which explains why it was released as the second single off the album.

In “Miles” the talent of each of the band members is explored and identified by the listener, making it the ultimate introductory track to the band.

Only a single album into their career and they have already blown us away. And we simply can’t wait to hear what else they have up their sleeves.

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