The Stone MG’s Prepare For The New Release Of Their Single, “I Need You”

Austin-based rock n’ roll/garage rock band The Stone MG’s, share with us their new single, “I Need You” available November 8th. The single is about addiction, however when I first listen to the song I would not think that it was.

“’I Need You” is about addiction. The song takes us on the journey of addiction as it takes over, corrupting and distorting reality for the user. When Rodney James sings “Shelter undercover, desire never satisfied,” the background vocals personify the persuasiveness of the addiction: “If you scream you love me, I’ll be your whore and give you the only thing worth dying for.”” Says the Stone MG’s.

I personally enjoy the song, I think Rodney’s deep voice works really feel with the instruments working together in the back creating a nice rock flow to the song. The music video is also very interesting too, in the video images portray addiction. Such as zooming in on a man with a bottle in his hand and someone holding a pill bottle with flies around it. I had to watch it a couple of times because at first, I was unsure of the message but after a few times I got it. “I Need You” is out for all listening pleasures on November 8th!


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Kristen Calderoni

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