The Velvoids Release New Video For “Absolutely Nothing”

The Velvoids are a hip and experimental duo reigning from Greece. While on a touring hiatus, Dorah X and Vice Lesley have been producing songs with the idea of sonic experimentation in mind. Their new song/video “Absolutely Nothing” is raw and passionate with an underlying feeling of youth and freedom. The purity in the vocals are the first catch, but the way they blended their use of abstract instrumentation and simple strum-lines stood out even further.

With their video consisting of compiled clips from filmmaker Themistocles Lambridis’ snowboarding film titled “The Igloo Protzekt”, their music resonates with a young crowd in pursuit of freedom.

Sonically, the track expands a solemn abyss of emotional distortion into a gratifying ballad. The vocals are impassioned with every note, and while its not displaying their lyricism to its full effect, the breakdowns and melodies give the track its purpose. The track is engaging and moving the way it was intended. The use of abstract instrumentation goes unnoticed in the best way possible for them because everything fits into its place and does its job without being overbearing without being facetious.

The Velvoids are on an escapade into new sounds and direction. This experimentation is going to only sharpen their artistic skill set and propel them into their next chapter. The talent is there. The melodies are there. The vocals are there. All of the pieces are in play, and soon they will have found their pocket. Their journey into the mountains resulted in an emotional, 2 minute long jam and they are only getting started. Check out the video for “Absolutely Nothing” as well as their other work which you can stream on Spotify or Bandcamp.


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Kyle Alvey

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