The Vigils Release A Spooky New Music Video For “Grinning” Just In Time For Halloween

French/American, rock/metal band, Vigils, shares with us their sinister video for their latest song “Grinning”. The band’s video was just premiered exclusively with Alt Press. The band could not of picked a better time to release this video with Halloween right around the corner. It is disturbing and spine-chilling. The track’s hardcore vocals and heavy guitars are a perfect soundtrack to the video’s intense and nightmarish imagery. Which I totally love.

The video started off with an advertisement about Grintax, the happy pill. The video then follows the life of a guy being followed by a demon. The demon mirrors his actions, his character is surrounded by a promise of a solution to the demon that haunts him. The man finally caves and takes a Grintax pill. Once he swallows the pill, he smiles but the demon appears again fusing with him. The video ends with the man having a sinister grin on his face with happy music in the background and the voice from the advertisement saying, “Talk to your doctor to see if prescription Grintax is right for you.”

“The music video clear;y shows a person in distress who falls under the influence of the media, and his life becomes only worse.” Says guiatist, Enzo Aldasoro, “It’s about realizing that [the] person you were so broken over wasn’t worth the energy you put in or the pain you were feeling. The rose-colored glasses come off, and you can finally see the person for who they really were. Oftentimes, what you see is nothing good.” He adds.

“Grinning” will be on Vigil’s debut Spinning EP, out November 16. For now, “Grinning is available on YouTube for all disturbing and intense listening pleasures.

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