The Weeknight Releases Music Video For “Outside The Pale”

The Brooklyn based band Weeknight has released a music video for their song “Outside the Pale.” The single will be on their sophomore album “Dead Beat Creep” which will be released February 1st.

Weeknight consists of vocalists Andy Simmons, Holly MacGibbon, and bass guitarist Russell Hymowitz and drummer Jasper Berg who joined in early 2017 and helped to record the album for over two months.

The video follows the main character, a young man, in New York City who takes a drug through eye drops, making him high and has him seeing the world differently than how he usually does.

He goes around to his friends and gets them to try the drug as well, eventually leading into a party that seems to be a completely drug induced state that Simmons and MacGibbon are a part of.

The ending shows the man sitting on top of a building and smoking a cigarette, looking out across the city, maybe thinking about what had happened that night. The song is this state, viewing them as being artificial; “shiny, plastic people.”

Colors are used in the video to represent the life “behind the veil” when sober and “outside the pale” when they’re high though, besides the first time he is high, they are muted by a somber overtone, seemingly a false enjoyment that chemical highs can cause on someone.

  If dark synths and deep topics interest you, check out Weeknight’s video “Outside the Pale” and experience and/or rehash the feelings of false happiness. Check out their other social media as well and their upcoming tour beginning in February.






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