Tomorrow’s Eve Brings The “Mirror Of Creation III – Project Ikaros” album This Fall

Tomorrow’s Eve, a metal band from Germany, has shared with us a preview of their upcoming album Mirror Of Creation III – Project Ikaros. All I can say about this album preview is that it is one to certainly to look forward to if the listener is a fan of metal.

It has been ten years since Tomorrow’s Eve has released an album and this one as the band describes is worth the wait.

“With Mirror Of Creation III – Project Ikaros, Tomorrow’s Eve once more reinforce their reputation as fearless crossover artists who deserve your attention. Eleven songs, one story; an album that – despite its versatility – flows as if sculpted from one piece… and hits you like a sledge-hammer.” – I.P.M.

The album is filled with clashing of hard, shredding riffs and emotional piano passages, and the collision of acoustic guitars and vocal grit. By doing this the band creates epic musical landscapes which lead their listeners to unforgettable choruses. They have also shared with us a song from their upcoming album called, “Bread and Circuses”. This song in particular is fast paced with the guitar riffs and leads into a chorus which is so good and again as stated before, unforgettable.

Their album is set to release on May 28th but for now, “Bread and Circuses” and the album teaser is now available on Again, if someone is a fan of metal/metal cross over this band is the perfect fit for you to get your metal fix that you have been desiring. I for one being a metal fan myself am looking extremely forward to this album. And I hope the next time they do not wait ten years to write another album! But, sometimes the best works takes years to produce, maybe this is what Tomorrow’s Eve was planning for their fans!


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Kristen Calderoni

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