Trevor James Tells the Crazy Story Of “Maxine” With Latest Single

With the style of a rocker and the voice of an R&B singer, Trevor James tells us a story about a crazy girlfriend in his new single “Maxine”.

James is a Los Angeles based musician whose sound and style is both nostalgic and modern. In his latest track, he blends together the distinct sound of alternative rock with the smooth melody of R&B.

“Maxine” was inspired by a conversation James had with a friend.

“This song actually came about after a couple of beers with some friends talking about crazy relationships and my friend had mentioned a girl that threw his stuff out and was extremely crazy so I ask ‘What was her name’ and he said ‘Maxine,’” James told AFROPUNK.  “I said to myself ‘wow that would be a cool song.’”

“Maxine” is way more than just a “cool” song. It’s a soulful tune that harmonizes distinct styles and sounds.

The song is also the title track on James’ forthcoming album, which is set to be released this summer.

“My vision for this song is something that can be relatable to the everyday listener, situations that might have happened to them or might know someone that it has happened to,” James went on to tell AFROPUNK.

If you’d like to hear more of James’ music, you can check out his recent set on Jam In The Van.

Listen to “Maxine” on Soundcloud.

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