Unboom Makes Sure He Is Like “No Other” With New Single

Unbloom has truly showcased his electronic music vibe, as well as including some hip-hop/ rap sounds and vocals in his new single, ‘No Other’ ft. Davey. This track is the perfect addition to your summer playlist, with sounds similar to the artists of popular albums of the summer, Calvin Harris and Frank Ocean.

Unbloom and Davey have known one another since the 6th grade, after becoming friends after a Habbo-Hotel rap battle. What a better way to strengthen friendship than collabing on a track together? Through Unbloom’s rhythmic and good-feeling vibes on the electronic side of the song, and Davey’s catchy and energetic vocals, ‘No Other’ comes together to make the ultimate uplifting summer song.

Unbloom describes the meaning behind the single as, “although seeking pleasure in the present, the song brings into the focus the stabbing feelings of regret and self-doubt that coalesce in this moment of having a good time; he can’t keep shaking the feeling that she’s not the one.” Aside from including the lyrical storyline in the track, Unbloom wanted to illustrate the house-party environment of the song. A visual aspect of the image the video director, Moses Monterroza, wants to capture can be seen in the music video for ‘No Other’.

Keep a look out for more feel-good summer songs being released this August by Unbloom in his full EP, This Could Be Everything/ This Could Be Nothing.

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