Ursae Crushes on Death with “So Green Her Eyes”

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“I flirt with death, every chance I get. Every time I see her, she ignores me.” While this may be a debatable way to start a conversation, it’s very a relatable way to start pop singer-songwriter Ursae’ new single, “So Green Her Eyes”. Having that high school crush on someone who seemingly doesn’t know you exist is a feeling we all know, and painfully, even remember sometimes. Instantly drawing in an audience’s emotions, the New York artist uses lofty synth and witty arrangements to tell the burden of falling in love. He also describes “The song looks at depression and loneliness and says, ‘You might fantasize about Death, but it’s not for you. Be with some you deserve.’”

Ursae explains via Pancakes and Whiskey, ‘So Green Her Eyes’ imagines Death as this girl I had a crush on in high school, but was way out of my league.” The song is a spin on organic pop and programmed instruments, making dances between electronic music and alternative indie. It’s a perfect playlist addition for Ed Sheeran, Local Natives, and Bon Iver fans.

Offering his creative interpretation on mainstream pop, the NYU Clive Davis Institute graduate is releasing his self-titled debut EP in February.


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