“Weather” Highlights An Upcoming Great Album This February From Adrian Underhill

The latest and greatest in the R&B universe brings us Adrian Underhill. The Vancouver native is expected to release his debut album Feb. 9, and after the release of his latest single “Weather,” fans can’t wait to see what he has in store.

Mixing lo-fi and R&B, Underhill’s music has showcased a sort of maturity that is regularly only seen in more experienced musicians. Though he has spent time going between different rock bands and songwriting before, Underhill has managed to refine his skill and write a great album.

“CU Again” contains 10 tracks, ranging from the lo-fi R&B to a more indie, eclectic feel. Leading track “Not Good Enough” sets the feeling for the whole album – relaxed and mellow. The track showcases Underhill’s lyricism, and the song creates a sense of unity in trying times.

Title track “CU Again” has Underhill dreaming of the day he gets to see his lover again. “Cruel” introduces guitar and further solidifies the theme of unity. “Weather” is the highlight of the album, though, and after some serious production work the song came out as a painfully honest, musically intricate and fun song.

“I really love how the production came out on this song. Adam (Bainbridge) took my original demo and just kinda warped it and morphed it, almost like a remix, adding new drums and changing the keyboard sounds I had played.  Then we added the live piano and synth bass from Brandon Coleman (Kamasi Washington) and Keith Eaddy.  In the end it’s quite playful and strange – it’s a great combination of sounds,Underhill said about “Weather.”

Overall, “CU Again” is a mature album that manages to incorporate an old school, ‘70s feeling with contemporary vibes. Underhill is the new underdog of the R&B scene, and whether you’re listening or not – he’s the next big thing.




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Lindsey Lanham

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