Winter Calling Releases Three Music Videos For FACES

Winter Calling is a hard rock group born in Florida and is set to spread its music through the rest of the world. They recently released their sophomore album, FACES.  Let me just say the album, in its entirety, did not disappoint. Each track was placed so well on the album, creating a seamless listening experience.  There’s always this element of suspense behind their sound, which really gets one amped to get into the song. The tracks cover topics such as interpersonal pain, changes, and reflection.  It’s a heartfelt release that will also have you head banging.

They have thusly released three videos to accommodate FACES. This includes one for my personal favorite track, “A New Me a Few Me.”  This song covers the mental state of a girl who grew up in sex trafficking, and to cope with the pain she had created multiple personalities, which was represented by masks in the music video.

There is also a video for the track, “Follow Me Down”, which is another stellar track.  The lyrics cover the struggle of falling to drug abuse. It’s a painful process, yet the false beauty keeps leading one down the rabbit hole.  This is represented well in the video by a beautiful lady dragging the front man around and loving on him, all the while hurting him.

The third video is for the song, “Not Like You.” This one is another rather powerful song. It tells the story of a woman who dissociative personality disorder.  Her alter ego was a younger woman who went out and partied, leaving her kids at home. The song capture the struggle through this back and forth lyrical motion. This is further captured by the videos cinematography, which contains a lot of back and forth, jerking motions, illustrating the struggle between the two conflicting personalities.

For more listening, I highly recommend checking out their cover of Tool’s “Sober.”  Be sure to check Winter Calling out on their media platforms, and show support.



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