WONDR’s “All for You” is the Perfect Valentine’s Day Track

WONDR’s new single “All for You” is perfect for new year’s. The beginning of the year is a time for people to set their goals and to find tangible ways to reach them. WONDR talks about the big dreams that he has and how he wants to obtain them dropping names like Gucci, Bentley and Jimmy Choo and imagery like diamond bracelets and luxurious vacations.

Listeners may be familiar with WONDR because of his debut single “White Aston.” When compared to his debut, “All for You” is more upbeat and has the potential to transition along with the seasons. Not only will the track be great to play around Valentine’s Day, but it also has the potential to to transition into the spring and summer as the weather gets warmer later in the year. WONDR uses the summer time feel that the production brings as a backdrop to his lyrics that depict he and his girlfriend living carefree.

WONDR fits right into the newer rap scene by using more melodic deliveries and production. He has come at a time where most popular rap (or hip pop) is focused on the bridging of melodies with verbally complex lyrics, rather than leaning more to one side or the other.

The combination of visuals and lyrics in each of WONDR’s previously released tracks seems to revolve around NASCAR or vehicles of some kind. I am interested to see if this carries over to the release of his first full length project.







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Azaria Brown

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