Wraith Breathes New Life Into Hip-Hop Music With His Record, “Stranger”

South African rapper Tshiamo Kegomoditse Raseroka, known as Wraith in the music industry, gave us 21 tracks showcasing his musical abilities entitled, Stranger. A 21-track album is impressive all by itself, but Wraith went the extra mile making each of the songs featured very unique and identifiable in comparison to the others, something rare among hip-hop artists.

21 extraordinary tracks, yet among them “Lingo,” track 13, grabs the attention the most. The upbeat track has the ability to get stuck in the head for days. Give it a listen and good luck getting it out of your head!

Wraith chose one of this time’s most popular genre as his genre of choice and somehow managed to extract a sound completely unique to him from it. Hip-hop is a widely loved genre with a cult following and with his album Stranger, Wraith earned himself a spot next to the highly loved Drake and Kanye West.

The musician exposed his talent and versatility throughout his record. He has a unique voice that we cannot wait to hear more from.


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Salma Almed

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