Written Years Gets That “Superficial Feeling” With Latest Single

Created in a troubling time for the band, their newest single “Superficial Feeling” cements the group’s indie, pop vibe.

Lead singer, Wade Ouellet, inexplicably lost his voice during the recording process of creating this new music, but the band was not deterred. Wade says, “Throughout the steep climb in getting my voice back, I began working in near-isolation on a batch of new material.”

The track sounds like something straight off of an indie film’s soundtrack as two lovers come together for one unforgettable, but potentially regrettable, night. The lyrics paint a whimsical image of the things that happen late at night, after inhibitions have been left far behind. The chorus goes, “I am here, wide awake, help me into the car. I don’t want you to dance all alone in the dark. Even if it is all just a sick superficial feeling.”

Easy beats layered with clean vocals make the track an easy listen. Artfully shifting lyrics and subtle harmonies add layers to the song as it progresses, with several vocal overlays. Written Years is someone to watch as they continue to build their musical repertoire.

Don’t know where to find their new song? Well, here you go: SoundCloud.

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