Your Smith Brings The 90s And Summer Vibes With Debut Single, “The Spot”

From her beginning in Minneapolis, Your Smith has made great strides in her music after moving to L.A. She has released her debut single, “The Spot” just in time for it to slide onto the summer charts. It really only takes a glance at her killer cover art to know that this artist is going to have a cool vibe.

Much like her grainy, vintage-themed photo, Your Smith’s track and video bring an oldies feel. “The Spot’ is the result of that feeling”, Smith writes, “the feeling of the 90s and the warmth and dustiness of the sounds mixed with the exciting evolution of modern music.”

The lyrics of each verse express the frustration of an elusive lover, but the chorus breaks into a picture of a fun, fancy-free place where you can go to forget about your worries, “the spot.” Smith pairs her song with playful clips of herself dancing around town and through the streets. It’s a video that will bring a smile to your face, and a song that will make you want to sing along. This track will most likely be playing on my next road trip.

If you need to add to your road trip playlist also, grab it on Spotify.

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