zenxienz Sets Up To Release His Third Album, “Cosmosis”

With the release of his third LP this year, zenxienz is redefining the EDM genre. Music like such is one of the first steps taken in order to evolve the EDM genre. zenxienz’s music has been labeled as “weird EDM,” due to its unusual approach to the genre. The artist’s alter ego, zenxienz, was born after his struggle with depression which came along a creative block that almost destroyed the artist’s love for music. His journey inspired him to create music that could be described as “a true journey of the mind.”

Zenxienz’s third album, Cosmosis, features a variety of different sounds, all of which show the extreme talent of the artist. Containing 10 unique tracks, the record belongs to a genre of its own. At first listen, one might feel overwhelmed and confused by the variety of unfamiliar sounds coming together. But the more you get exposed to these sounds the more you start to appreciate them and hear their beauty. The tracks really do take your mind and soul on a peaceful journey, away from reality for the duration of each of them.

Each of the tracks on the album gives us a different sound, yet still relating to the overall vibe of the album as a whole. The artist’s musical versatility is shown throughout the 10 tracks of the album, all of which reflect the artist’s main musical goal, to create a sense of wonder for his listeners.


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Salma Almed

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