Ztorus Jo Gets Soulful and Honest In Her Single “Lonely Days.”

Ztorus Jo mourns a lost love in her song, through her personal lyrics all throughout her track. Then as the song is coming to a conclusion she proceeds to see the hope after losing her lover. “I’ll never see a brighter sun,” she says but quickly follow it up by saying “but i know it’s waiting there for me.”

The artist pairs her heartfelt lyrics with her soothing vocals and a soft instrumental, making her voice and her emotions the center of attention.

“Lonely Days” is a great introductory track to Ztorus Jo and her soul inspired music. The song is refreshing in comparison to others currently occupying the top spots on the charts. Soul is a genre that rarely gets to shine but through the musician’s projects the genre is getting a second chance at life.

The critic for the song is its shortness, we simply cannot get enough of her voice so we would have loved for the track to be slightly longer.

Ztorus Jo is still an upcoming artist, slowly making a name for herself in the easily distracted music industry. With her honest music and beautiful vocals she will undoubtedly become the next big thing.

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Salma Almed

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